Abstract Submission

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Abstract submission is now Open for the ICSoLCA, 1 March -30 May 2016.

Abstract includes (i) title, (ii) the author’s name and its affiliates, (iii) the contents of the abstract which comprises 180-300 words. (Iv) a maximum of 6 pieces keywords and (v) a contact email the author (one of the authors should be included email, max 2 pieces of e-mail addresses are often used).
Please submit your abstract by filling to Registration Form ICSoLCA 2016.

The ICSoLCA Committee will meet to review abstracts. Abstracts must meet the following criteria, but not restricted:

  1. Life cycle assessment
    • Life cycle inventory
    • Life cycle impact assessment
    • Data and database
  2. Life cycle sustainability assessment
    • Social life cycle assessment
    • Sustainability indicators
    • Life cycle costing
  3. Environmental footprint
    • Carbon footprint
    • Water footprint
    • Land footprint
    • Chemical footprint
  4. Life cycle engineering
    • Reuse strategies
    • Reverse logistics
    • Remanufacturing
  1. Life cycle perspective in environmental management system
  2. Substance and material flow analysis
  3. Industrial ecology
  4. Energy and resource efficiency
  5. Sustainability education
  6. Circular economy





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