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Followings are links for files presented in the Workshop on Life Cycle Assessment Research in Indonesia:

  1. Analyzing Policy Alternatives for Sustainability of Biofuel Through Agent Base Model_Dr. Yosef Manik_new
  2. Biogas Application Impact in Developing Rural Area_Badariah Yosiyana_new
  3. Case Study on LCA of Plastic Shoe Rack Using Injection Molding Machine_Sharah Yunihar S_new
  4. Comparing Biodiesel Production Using LCA Review_Dr. Rosmeika_new
  5. Concept Development Indonesian LCI – Jessica Hanafi
  6. Evaluation of Sustainable Manufacturing Implementation and LCA_Gloria Kartikasari_new
  7. Feasibility Study on Value-based Co-creation and Life Style for A Society Based on A Virtous Material Cycle_Yahushiro Fukushima_new
  8. GHG Emission Estimation from Housesold SWM in Jakarta and Surabaya_Aprilia Aretha_new
  9. GHG Emission Reduction Through Palm Oil Mill Integrated Treatment_Julfi Restu Amalia
  10. Implementation of LCA on Catching Fishes Process and Production Processed Fishes_Dr. Wahyu Supartono_new
  11. LCA as Environmental Management Tools for Sustainable Industry_Tri Hendro Utomo_new
  12. LCA Energy Analysis and Its Impact for the Future Electicity Consumption_Dr. Nuki Agya Utama_new
  13. LCA in COCOA PRODUCTION_Budi Utomo_new LCA in Designing Green Product_Dr. Novizar Nazir_new
  14. LCA Research in Indonesia and ILCAN_Dr. Edi I Wiloso_new
  15. LCA in Designing Green Product_Dr. Novizar Nazir
  16. Life Cycle GHG Emission & Energy Consumption of Biodiesel in Aceh_Dr. Kiman Siregar_new
  17. Perspectives on LCA Application and Research in Thailand_Prof. Shabbir H Gheewala_new
  18. SCP, LCA, Publik, NAW_Noer Adi Wardojo_new
  19. The environmental impact of Palm Oil Products – Cecille Bessou
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