Followings are title of PhD dissertation on various LCA topics published by local universities, started from recent years and sorted by alphabetical name. To be listed, dissertation should contain the word “life cycle assessment” in the title, abstract, or keywords. We are still working to develop this list further. Should you are Indonesian and have dissertation on LCA, you may notify us to [email protected]

  1. K. Siregar. Comparison of emission and energy for biodiesel production from oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) and jatropha curcas (Jatropha curcas L.) based on life cycle assessment (LCA) in Indonesia. Doctoral Dissertation, Bogor Agricultural University, 2013. Abstract
  2. A. D. Santoso. Keberlanjutan biomassa mikroalga sebagai sumber energi ramah lingkungan (Kasus Perbandingan Perhitungan Analisis LCA existing dengan LCA modifikasi pada Produksi Biodiesel Mikroalga dan Kelapa Sawit) = Sustainability of algal biomass as a green energy source. University Of Indonesia. 2014. Abstract


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