LCA researches in Indonesia have been conducted since 1990s by many scholars. Followings are given list of papers, particularly published in journal or proceedings indexed in Web of Science (Thomson Reuters) and Scopus (Elsevier). These publications covers various topics of research conducted by Indonesian researcher or foreign researcher affiliated to Indonesian institution, started from 2016 and sorted by alphabetical name. To be listed, article should contain the word “life cycle assessment” in the title, abstract, or keywords. We will update this list annually in the beginning of the year.



  1. Bessou, C., Basset-Mens, C., Latunussa, C., Vélu, A., Heitz, H., Vannière, H., & Caliman, J. P. (2016). Partial modelling of the perennial crop cycle misleads LCA results in two contrasted case studies. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 21(3), 297-310.
  2. Fatehah, L. L. A., Suwondo, E., Guritno, A. D., & Supartono, W. (2016, July). Life cycle assessment of fresh fish product in various scale of capture fisheries facilities. In T. R. Nuringtyas, R. Roto, A. Widyaparaga, M. Mahardika, A. Kusumaadmaja, & N. Hadi (Eds.), AIP Conference Proceedings (Vol. 1755, No. 1, p. 130017). AIP Publishing.
  3. Fatimah, Y. A., & Biswas, W. K. (2016). Remanufacturing as a means for achieving low-carbon SMEs in Indonesia. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, 18(8), 2363-2379.
  4. Fikri, E., Purwanto, P., & Sunoko, H. R. (2016). Life cycle assessment of household hazardous waste management options for Semarang City, Indonesia. International Journal of Environment and Waste Management, 17(2), 146-157.
  5. Pambudi, N. F., Dowaki, K., & Adhiutama, A. (2016). Integrated Index in Consideration of Appropriate Plastic Recycling System in Waste Bank Operation. In MATEC Web of Conferences (Vol. 78, p. 01018). EDP Sciences.
  6. Priyono, A., Ijomah, W., & Bititci, U. (2016). Disassembly for remanufacturing: A systematic literature review, new model development and future research needs. Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management, 9(4), 899.
  7. Rosenthal, C., Fatimah, Y. A., & Biswas, W. K. (2016). Application of 6R Principles in Sustainable Supply Chain Design of Western Australian White Goods. Procedia CIRP, 40, 318-323.
  8. Taufiq, F. M., & Padmi, T. (2016). Life cycle assessment of dairy farms. Reviews on environmental health, 31(1), 187-190.
  9. Utomo, B., Prawoto, A. A., Bonnet, S., Bangviwat, A., & Gheewala, S. H. (2016). Environmental performance of cocoa production from monoculture and agroforestry systems in Indonesia. Journal of Cleaner Production, 134, 583-591.
  10. Wiloso, E. I., Heijungs, R., Huppes, G., & Fang, K. (2016). Effect of biogenic carbon inventory on the life cycle assessment of bioenergy: challenges to the neutrality assumption. Journal of Cleaner Production, 125, 78-85.







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